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Looking for a great store or restaurant? Need to find a list of services offered in Downtown Oakville? Great you have come to the right place; here is how DowntownOakville.ca can help you find what you are looking for:-

1. Search by Product or Service:

This search targets what "Products or Services" you are looking for; as an example let's say you want new "Shoes". This is how easy you can find all companies in Downtown Oakville, listed on DowntownOakville.ca which provide these products or services:-

  • Select "Search by Product or Service" below or from the drop-down menus above
  • ..on next page select "Shoe Shops"
  • ...the next page shows all our listings for your chosen product or service
  • ....just click the store or service required to find out more information
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2. Search by Keyword:

Maybe a friend has told you of a great store called "Jimbos Jeans" (yes we made the name up for this example). You can find it quick and easy right here in Downtown Oakville by using the DowntownOakville.ca Google powered "Keyword" Search.
Just like this:-
  • ..enter your search criteria into our keyword area below
  • ...select "DowntownOakville.ca" from the radio button
  • ....next click the "Google Search" button
  • .....quickly a list will be compiled relevant to your search criteria
  • ......scroll down the list and click your chosen area the DowntownOakville.ca site

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This can be more beneficial to you over the 'Search by Product or Service', for example if you are not sure what type of Product or Service classification the Downtown Oakville company may be listed in.

TIP! If you know the name of the company and just need more information, use the "Search by Keyword"


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